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Which company’s problems can be solved with our help?

  1. Do you need a reliable company providing employees transportation to the workplace and back services?
  2. Do you want to rent a bus with a driver for special event?
  3. Do you need corporate buses for your staff and delegations, airport or hotel transfers, business trainings, etc?
  4. Do you value importance of perfect staff transportation and guests delivery on formal events (festivals, international contests, competitions, summits, etc.)?

How can we solve those problems?

  1. We will take the corporate transportation of employees to the whole new level:
  • Your staff will be able to use work hours more efficient, because our drivers surpass usual public bus transportation in means of fast employees’ delivery.
  • Increase of your workers labor productivity is guaranteed – they get less tired because they spend their time on the ride home, work or various business trips in comfortable conditions. Our buses are equipped with reclining seats and microclimate system. Usual disturbing noises of bus crowds are replaced by pleasant chat with coworkers.
  • Your team will have many possibilities to increase their formal and personal bonds between each other, because in our buses they will have enough time to discuss their job matters or just have sweet chat.
  1. We will provide bus delivery of employees on time, whether it is ride to work, airport, certain meeting or an event. Experienced drivers and managers carefully plan all the routes and time.
  2. Using the presentable bus for important event will benefit to the reputation of your company:
  • Quality of our buses will satisfy even the demands of VIPs.
  • Only polite personnel is selected to serve you in each situation.
  • We ensure that quality of services on European level. Our workers always comply to the dress code.
  • When renting a corporate bus for all kinds of events, we will equip it with everything you need additionally.
  • Upon the request, we will provide escort with reliable full-time security guards.

Why should you entrust corporate transportation to us?

    1. All of our staff have extensive experience in transporting corporate clients:
    • Carefully tuned delivery schemes, eliminated of any possible flaws,
    • Awareness of all the solutions for every possible situation on the road,
    • Understanding of possible complication that can arise during ride and constant development of plans of actions in case of unpredictable situations.


    1. The modern fleet of the company and the professionalism of its employees allow us to efficiently carry out both small orders of individuals, and large-scale orders of corporations or government clients.


    1. We provide wide variety of passenger transportation services, issue additional permits and other documents, advice customer’s employees on ride’s matters, etc. Entrust passenger transportation from or to work or events to EZ TRANSPORT and focus on more important tasks instead.


    1. Comfortable buses RENAULT MASTER FORD TRANSIT, DAEWOO BH120F ROYAL CRUISER  KING LONG 6127 allow transportation of groups of 8 to 43 persons in 1 vehicle. Thanks to presence of lighting inside buses, air conditioning and heaters, the rides are comfortable at any time of the year. Modern monitors and audio systems provide possibilities for tour trainings, entertainment programs, etc.


    1. Individual approach to each and every client allows us to take into account every wish and detail to form a cost-suitable offer.


    1. Safety of passengers is what matters the most for our drivers and us. Therefore, we do all we can to ensure nothing threatens life or health of our passengers:
    • We carefully monitor the condition of transport and regularly conduct technical inspections and scheduled replacements,
    • We choose only the safest and shortest routes,
    • We recruit our professional drivers on a competitive basis, that way we ensure they are all in good physical and mental health,
    • We additionally conduct advanced training courses for our drivers,
    • Physical examinations of drivers are passed by drivers before each ride,
    • Optional armed escort is provided for special occasions,
    • VAT is already included in price.


    Call us to begin mutually profitable cooperation: +7 (908) 440-58-50

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