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Do you need to arrange constant intercity passenger transfer? Or maybe you want to rent a bus for one-time intercity business or entertainment ride?

For rides that are long in terms of both time and space the vehicles and drivers should be chosen especially carefully. So why do our clients choose EZ TRANSPORT when they are in need of children or adults intercity transportation?

Cornerstones of intercity passenger transportation

  • The length of the trip is usually more than 50 kilometers away from Vladivostok. That requires the driver to be always focused, experienced and healthy. However, in the same time, most of the intercity rides time transcends the maximum length of the driver’s work shift. Because of that, transportation company must take care of right planning of driver’s workhours and carefully scheme the route with the all bus stops.
  • According to the law, maximum speed during rides on the road beyond the city is 90 kilometers per hour. That requires using the buses with increased engine power capacity.
  • Long presence inside of the bus and monotony of the sight outside of the window just add to the tiredness of the passengers. To ensure their comfort, several things are especially required, such us comfortable reclining seats with headrests and armrests. Air conditioning system, heaters and soft lighting are also required.
  • For long-distance transportation, transportation companies are obliged to insure their passengers.
  • When traveling to a city in another country, the driver must know the particularities of the border crossing, passenger traffic, highways and the laws of the country of visit.
  • It is important to take into account the requirements of international treaties and the attitude of the locals to visitors.
  • For an international ride, an additional list of documents is required, which is included in the price of renting a bus with a driver.

Why intercity transportation is so good with EZ TRANSPORT?

  • With the long ride planned, we provide special work hours for our driver, additionally examine his health, select suitable option for him to rest during the ride and consider way he can stay focused on the road. That additionally ensures transportation safety.
  • We have certain number of vehicles prepared especially for long rides: with big luggage compartments, powerful engine, soft suspension, air conditioning and heating systems, lighting, reclining seats, camp kitchen, mobile devices charger station and a refrigerator. We also conduct full pre-ride inspection, interior cleaning and washing the bus. All the tech systems such as navigation system, tachometer and video surveillance, are also checked.
  • Although we already have all the required permits, it is not problem for us to issue additional documents for each specific occasion.
  •  Only experienced and qualified drivers, who know all the details of long bus rides, are chosen to accompany you and to resolve any situations that can occur on the way.

Our managers keep in touch with the bus 24/7. Any problem is promptly solved. Do you want to rent a bus of intercity or international rides? Call us: +7 (984) 195-16-42

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