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EZ Transport Company limited

Do you need a passenger vehicle driver who can ensure safety to you and your company during city trip, intercity trip or tour to nearby countries? Our company have been founded when the need in secure and reliable transfers of our partners arose. Because of that, everything in our company was created to serve one purpose – the best vehicles were selected, the personnel of the company was thoroughly trained and underwent professional training.

Thanks to that approach, EZ Transport Company is the most comfortable and safe transportation to any place of Primorsky state, Russia and beyond.

Client safety is the main principle of EZ TRANSPORT

High experience and qualification of staff

Our staff includes only experienced and qualified drivers, they have all the necessary documents, also they always improve their skills on special courses and regularly pass mental and physical health checks.

High-quality buses for comfortable rides

Our vehicles fleet includes comfortable and reliable 23 and 40-places buses, such as DAEWOO ROYAL CRUISER and RENAULT MASTER. They are perfect for unforgettable weddings, long lasting tours, private celebration events, business trips, airport transfers and international travels.

Reliable and clean vehicles

Technical condition of our vehicles is always monitored by our specialists, who additionally prepares the bus according to client’s goals and objectives. Complete cleaning of every bus is conducted before every ride.

All the permits available

We have all the documents required by law, such as licenses, certificates or medical and other permits. Additionally we can issue or help with obtaining the necessary documents for all kinds of situations (transportation of children, assist in various events)

Video surveillance and geolocation

Modern and reliable devices for video surveillance are installed in bus cabins. Video can be recorded through the whole ride by your inquiry. Moreover, it is possible to track the vehicle on its path to the destination point.

Panic button and security guards

Every bus is equipped with panic button. Upon its use, security guards will arrive on the place immediately. Professional guards can accompany the vehicle during ride by client’s request.

Pre-ride driver’s health checks

Driver gets health-checked by company’s doctor before every ride. This is done to ensure early detection of any deviations in driver’s health. The company also has special physical training of drivers organized to ensure wellbeing of employees during work.

Why do people choose us?

EZ transport insurance info – INGOSSTRAH 2018-2019

In accordance with the Federal Law dated 14.06.2012 N 67-FZ the carrier’s responsibility to the passenger for damage to life, health, property is insured in the insurance company:


NAME:  SPAO “INGOSSTRAH” INGO International Insurance Group

Adress: 117997, Moscow. Pyatnickaya str 12, building 2

Postal address: 127994, Moscow. Lesnaya str 41.

Phone: 8 (495)956-55-55,  FAX: 8 (495) 959-44-05

e-mail:                           ingos@ingos.ru

Site: www.ingos.ru

License for the implementation of compulsory insurance of civil liability of the carrier for causing harm to life, health and property of passengers OS No. 0928-05


Compulsory insurance agreement

EZ Transport Company limited

Number: IGSX218572501147000

Date of conclusion: 19 august 2018

Valid till: 18 august 2019

Representative offices in Primorsky state:

690003, Vladivostok city, Verhneportovaya str 40A.

Phone / FAX: +7 423 241-10-16, 8(423)291-03-98, 8(423)291-04-73

Workhours: Mon-fr: 9.00-18.00

In accordance with Article 14 of the Federal Law N 67 dated 14.06.2012. When the insured event occurs, the insured person has the right to:

  • A beneficiary wishing to use his right to receive insurance compensation must submit a written application for payment of insurance compensation to the insurer, made in free form document, alongside with all the legal papers, list of which (as well as rules of processing) is determined by the Government of Russian Federation. Following documents have to contain information about person suffered damages or injury, the event (and its circumstances), the nature and extensive damage inflicted upon the health of the insured.
  • Insurer shall not demand any other documents from beneficiary. Insurer has the right to assist in issuing beneficiary’s documents.
  • If several beneficiaries have different claims to receive compensation for one insured event, and one of them has submitted all the necessary documents, other insured persons do not have to submit the same confirming documents for the same case again.
  • In case of absence of reasons to refuse insurance compensation, insurer is obliged to pay the following compensation in the amount of compensable damage, which is determined by the article 16 of this Federal law. In case insurer have already made the advance payment for the damages prior to the payment of the insurance indemnity, the amount of the insurance indemnity shall be reduced by the amount of advance payment.
  • The insurer is obliged to pay insurance compensation to the beneficiary or send him an explanation letter, which states reasons of refusal within 30 calendar days from the day the insurer received all the documents, which must be submitted in accordance of part 1 of the following article.